The National Association of Environmentally Responsible Mold Contractors (NAERMC) is the nation’s premier organization for environmentally responsible mold remediation and mold assessment training & certification for professional mold contractors.

We have trained more Mold Assessors and Remediators in Florida than all the other training organizations combined.

Our online courses are ALL provided FREE of charge as a public service. The courses have been developed by Dr. Gary Rosen, who is a leading Florida licensed building contractor, LEED AP, State of Florida Licensed in Mold Assessment & Remediation; Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant; IICRC formally trained in mold remediation and water mitigation; ACGIH formally trained in mold assessment & remediation (see bio on right).

The in-depth training is based on case studies with 100’s of photo examples from real jobs. Focus is on practical aspects of mold assessment and remediation: How to provide quality services; achieving high levels of customer satisfaction … and doing so at competitive prices.

The training is free, but this is no indication of the quality of the training courses. Most students upon completion of our Free Mold Training & Certification courses find that the courses offer the finest, as well as the most comprehensive mold remediation and mold assessment training in the industry.

Courses are not the usual stale, rehashed excerpts from EPA & IICRC that you find in other mold training programs but practical, up to date, training that focuses on real world issues that actually help you get more jobs as well as improve customer satisfaction.

Gary Rosen, Ph.D

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Surviving Mold Illness Series

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