How We Expose Negligent / Illegal Managed Repair Dry-Out Work

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How We Expose Negligent / Illegal Carrier Managed Repair Dry-Out Work

What Is Negligent/Illegal/Sub-Standard Dry-Out Work?
    1. IICRC S500 requires a detailed water damage initial (intrusive) inspection for mold before drying.  
    2. If mold, do not dry. Remediate only when there is mold.
    3. Therefore, if there is mold after drying, we attribute the cause of the mold to negligent, failed, sub-standard drying.
    4. Find mold and incomplete drying after Carrier Managed Repair/Preferred Vendor Negligent / Failed / Sub-Standard Dry-Out Work. Open a new claim.
    5. COL (Cause of Mold): Failed, Non-IICRC S500 compliant drying. There will no longer be any applicable Mold or Water Damage Caps

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Document the mold after Carrier Managed Repair/Preferred Vendor drying by performing an Industry Compliant (IICRC S500) Post-Drying Inspection. Once you document that the MRP/PV work has left mold, open a New Claim to repair the home. Cause of Loss: Negligent Drying. New claim has No Caps. Timing of Loss: Timing of the dry-out.

Carriers promise Tallahassee Industry Standard Compliance / Quality Work but leave sick, mold-infested homes.

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