Florida Mold Licensing

1-day classes are currently offered online only. The 1-day class is a review class. Study the training materials on your own and then do our review with the exam at the end of the day. Please click below for our next available dates and to sign up.
Next Classes – ONLINE: 
7/16/24 | 8/13/24 | 9/17/24
In-person 2-day classes, approximately every 3 months
For best results, study the online training materials, though it is not required. During the 2-day class we cover all the information that is on the exam.

Next Classes – Weston, FL
July 17-18


FREE State of Florida Approved Mold Assessor and Remediator Exam Training

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State of Florida Approved
Mold Assessor & Remediator Licensing Exam

Our Mold Assessor and Mold Remediator Licensing Exam is approved by the State of Florida Mold Services Division. There is one set of training material for both Assessor and Remediator. There is one exam that covers both licenses. Assessors need to know remediation in order to write protocols. Remediators need to understand how to assess, as 3rd party assessments are often not provided and sometimes not adequate.

Our program has the following features and benefits:

  • We offer entirely free online anytime training. There are no classroom courses to attend or to pay for. No books to buy.
  • FREE required training in water intrusion, mold and respiratory protection is included. The only cost is the Exam.
  • Exam is “OPEN NOTES”. Passing score is 70%.
  • Coursework is tailored to working in the State of Florida as well as Nationwide and covers applicable:
    • Mold Toxins and Mold Health
    • Green Chemical-free Remediation Procedures
    • Testing/Inspecting
    • Standards of Practice: EPA/IICRC
    • Report Writing & Protocol Development
    • Moisture Intrusion
    • Why Mold After Dry-out?
    • Focus is on the practical aspects of mold assessment and remediation
    • Top training course in FLA
    • One exam retake is allowed at no additional charge. But if you study the online training and understand the online exam review questions, most people pass the first time.


  • Online training and 1 day Exam review class and exam is offered in Ft Lauderdale monthly; and in Orlando and Tallahassee every 2 months. See list of upcoming courses.
  • The training and Exam cover both Assessment & Remediation. Exam cost including live Exam Prep Training is $500 per license. $1000 for both licenses. (One exam covers both licenses.)
  • To sign up, CLICK HERE.
  • We offer an advanced 2 day in-person training every 2-3 months in South Florida.
  • $1000 for either Assessor or Remediator License. Or $1500 for both.
  • The 2 day advanced training is a super set of the 1 day review program. CLICK HERE  to Download a detailed description of what we cover in the 2 day advanced training.
  • To sign up, CLICK HERE.

FREE State of Florida Approved Mold Assessor and Remediator Exam Training

Download today!

For more information about either program, or questions about eligibility, contact Linda at 954-614-6860 or linda@mold-free.org. (She’s licensed as Assessor and Remediator in Florida.)