1-day classes are currently offered online only. The 1-day class is a review class. Study the training materials on your own and then do our review with the exam at the end of the day. Please click below for our next available dates and to sign up.

In-person 2-day advanced classes are offered at PROLAB, 1675 North Commerce Parkway, Weston, FL 33326. For best results, study the online training materials, though it is not required. During the 2-day class we cover all the information that is on the exam.

Sign Up for Florida Mold License Exam

⦁ Because of Covid, we offer our 1-day review class and exam online only, available monthly. Please check our sign up page for the next available dates.

⦁ Due to Covid, we have not yet resumed in person classes for the 1 day review/exam.  When safe to do so, we will offer these in Orlando and Tallahassee as well as South Florida.

⦁ We have recently resumed a 2 day in person training, hosted by PROLAB in Weston Florida.  Signups are handled by PROLAB. Here is their signup link.

⦁ If you have questions about whether you qualify, or any other questions about the training, please call Linda@ 954-614-6860 or email

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download the training materials and do the training prior to the review class/Exam!